30th & 31st July, 2022

We are thrilled to be hosting our second annual Northern Art Fair in the beautiful village of St Johns Chapel, Weardale, on the 30th & 31st of July.

The event will be held in the town hall on Saturday 30th, 10am – 5pm, and Sunday 31st, 10am – 4pm.

Our aim is to promote the quality and diversity of contemporary art in the north that is accessible
and affordable to all.


St John's Chapel

Situated in the stunning North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, St. John's Chapel is on the south side of the River Wear on the A689 road between Daddry Shield and Ireshopeburn.

The village has been coming increasingly popular with artists,  cyclists, walkers and birdwatchers and has two busy pubs and a café.

We’ll be presenting a fresh and engaging art fair that encompasses a broad blend of disciplines with work from artists, printmakers, sculptors, ceramists, photographers and illustrators.

Many of the artists will be demonstrating their skills and practices with on-stand demos throughout the day and a pop up bar will be on site to keep us all refreshed!

30th & 31st July, 2022



Alison Hall


Alison’s photography is her expression of the environment and close view of nature. Exploring the creative possibilities of blending images within camera and post production she is developing a distinctive contemporary style of photographic art. Mixing multiple exposures, intentional camera movement and use of natural and painted textures.

Mick Kelly


Mick’s seashore art is inspired from his regular walks along the North East coastline. He creates pictures using items found on the beach which include driftwood, shells, sea glass, cuttlefish bone and seaweed. His imagination and humour enable him to create works with various themes in a very unique style.

Sheryl Roberts


Sheryl’s vision of tempestuous skies and chaotic landscapes has earned her international acclaim. Sheryl’s unique vision of the dramatic light penetrating the vast skies is recognisable as her distinctive style.

Carolyn Hird-Rogers


Carolyn is based on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and derives much of her inspiration from the skylines of the hills and dales, creating mixed media collage pieces of land and sea using handmade papers, foils rescued from printers waste, inks and gesso with drawn lines and sgraffito mark-making

Shaun Vickers


With a love of all things Nature and Wildlife and given the resurgence of the focus on nature conservation and awareness, pet owner Shaun thought it the right time to marry subject matter with traditional working. To strip the image of colour and focus on the detail and character of the subject matter is really important

Peter Woolley


I am a professional watercolour artist, based in Richmond, specializing in wild rural landscapes. The National Parks all feature heavily in my work, along with subjects from further afield, including those produced while running classes on cruiseships. I run workshops, tutor painting holidays and maintain a successful online student service.

Liz Jones


Liz Jones is a printmaker and textile designer based in North Cumbria. Greatly inspired by her rural surroundings, she produces limited edition, original, reduction linocuts. She also uses linoprint to create original fabric designs which she screen prints by hand onto linen and cotton to make lampshades and cushions etc.

Jane McMillan


I”m continually amazed by the beauty of our surroundings. Nature and the landscape is an unending source of inspiration which I love to capture using a variety of mediums. Take a moment and step into a world of colour , escape and let your mind wander through the paintings. Jane

Matthew Ellwood


Matthew is best known for his Tower series in which he portrays many iconic landmarks and buildings in a single painting. He uses watercolours, pen and inks and a lot of patient.

Abigail Lagden


Based on the edge of Teesdale, Abigail creates sculptural pieces using fabrics, a fabric hardener and a variety of other materials. Abigail’s creations are brimming with texture, colours and intrigue. She has a love of all things magical, mystical and fantastical, and this influence is evident throughout her creations.

Holly Magdalene Scott


Holly M Scott is a Printmaker based in Teesdale.
Known for her detailed, sensitive linocuts, Holly’s prints convey her lifelong enchantment with the natural world. Long since spellbound by birds, and conscious of their significance in her own everyday life, Holly’s work honours the tradition of mankind’s fascination and constant dialogue with our avian contemporaries.

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Trudy Kepke


Trudy’s photography basically starts off as her sketch, her own handcrafted textures then become her paints that she applies over her photographs to make an interesting and colourful painterly image.
‘I see Photoshop as my blank canvas and is where I start to bring to life my photography with a little bit of imagination and creativity’.

Darrell Olsen


Hi, my name is Darrell Olsen & I have lived in West Yorkshire my whole life. I worked as a welder fabricator for 25 years until I began making garden sculptures from recycled metal which ignited my creative passion. I love challenging my imagination to create new pieces!

John S


Living and working high in the North Pennine hills, I have tried to capture the resonance of this unique landscape – A dark brew of raw elemental power, blended with the surreal stillness of cold moorland mist; all captured in the medium of charcoal, frequently enhanced with a hint of chalk pastel

Karen Hodgson


Karen has worked in the glass industry for over 25 years. Living in Weardale means inspiration is plentiful – capturing the ever changing seasons within her work. “I design and create beautifully detailed fused glasswork by combining my painting and lamp work skills fusing multiple pieces of coloured, translucent and opaque glass together at high temperature. The challenging, yet unpredictable nature of glass motivated me to choose this medium” Karen will be displaying her stunning new works at ‘Art&Glass KH’ situated in the Market Place

Simon Dobbs


My work focusses on northern landscape. I work on location in oils, employing a series of expressive brush strokes to convey an emotional and physical response to my subject.

Michael John James


I’m a self taught artist.
My work is produced using acrylic paint on canvas panels. I have been painting professionally for the last 10 years. My paintings are emotive and convey a sense of mood. All of my work includes my trademark, a little touch of red to be found somewhere in the scene. Whether it’s a stop light, brake light or umbrella. The touch of red is always there.

Stuart Jones


Stuart Jones is a plein air landscape painter living in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Stuart finds working outdoors from nature the most rewarding way to capture light effects and life as it happens. Every brush stroke is of the moment, ensuring an immediacy and vitality to his impressionistic oil paintings.



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